Your ‍tabby’s fur can tell you⁢ much about their overall health. **Run your fingers through their⁢ coat**, checking for unusual bumps, rashes, or​ flaky patches. A⁣ glossy, smooth coat typically ‍means ‌your ​feline ⁢friend​ is in good health, whereas a dull or rough ⁢coat⁣ can be a sign⁣ of ‌underlying issues. Watch for excessive ⁤shedding⁣ outside of their usual shedding season, which can indicate stress or a nutritional‍ deficiency.

As you gently pet your tabby, be mindful of ​their skin ⁤condition‌ as‌ well. **Redness, swelling, or an increase in ⁤grooming behavior** can indicate reactions to allergens or parasites like fleas. ‌To help you monitor your cat’s coat ​health effectively, here are some‍ common indicators and possible causes:

Indicator Possible⁣ Cause
Excessive Grooming Stress​ or Allergies
Red Bumps Flea Bites⁣ or⁣ Skin ​Infection
Flaky Skin Dandruff or Dry Skin