Fantasy Writing Planner Digital Printable

Fantasy Writing Planner Digital Printable

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Plan your next novel with the Just the Write Planner! This writing planner consists of 25 different worksheet sets to use for plotting, character development, and note-taking. Pages are 8.5x11 inch PDFs for easy printing. Perfect to use for NaNoWriMo or any writing time. This planner contains everything from my regular Just the Write Planner, plus added worksheets for worldbuilding.

What's Included:
  • Areas to Revise – Use this sheet to keep track of areas of your story you know you need to revise. This way you can keep notes for yourself, but don’t have to slow down your writing process to edit.
  • Calendar – This is a blank calendar to use to keep track of all the events in your story.
  • Calendar 2 – A completely blank calendar with no week day names so you can add your fantasy equivalent.
  • Character Builder – Use this worksheet to build your characters and get to know all the details about them.
  • Character Height Log – Need to keep track of how tall your characters are? Use this handy log so you don’t have to go back through the book to find where you mentioned their height.
  • Character Log – Have an obscure character you need to keep track of? Use this log to jot down where said character was mentioned.
  • Character Questionnaire – Want to go even deeper into getting to know your character than just the Character Builder? This is five pages of questions you can use to interview your character.
  • City Builder – Worksheets to build your fantasy city.
  • Country Builder – Worksheets to build your fantasy country.
  • Cover – A nice cover page for the front of your planner.
  • Eye Color Log – Keep track of who has what color eyes and where you mentioned it.
  • Go Back & Add – Realize you forgot to add something to the story? Don’t slow your writing down, just take note of it and keep on writing!
  • Hair Color Log – Keep track of who has what color hair and where you mentioned it.
  • Lined Paper – If you need extra.
  • Magic Builder – Worksheets to build your magic system.
  • Map – A page to draw your fantasy map(s).
  • Name Ideas – Have a name floating around in your head that you might want to use later? Take note of it here.
  • Notes – A page for all your note-taking needs.
  • Object Log – Have a gold locket or other object that is important to the plot? Keep track of where it shows up with this log.
  • Playlist – Keep track of your writing playlist with this handy list.
  • Plot Builder – A worksheet to build the details of your story plot.
  • Plot Bunnies – Have a bunch of plot bunnies running around and pestering you to write them? Jot them down here for later.
  • Plot Holes – Realize you have a plot hole? Make a note of it to fix later.
  • Villain Builder – Every story has a bad guy, or girl. Use this worksheet to get to know them.
  • Word Count Tracker – Keep track of your monthly word count.

This planner is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may print as many copies as you would like for yourself, but please do not share, distribute, or claim as your own. Thank you!