⁣ ‌ The first⁣ encounter ⁤between‍ your tabby‍ cat and the new ⁢baby can set the stage for a harmonious household. Before introductions,​ ensure that your⁣ cat ⁤feels safe and⁢ comfortable. Prepare a quiet, neutral meeting spot in the house and temporarily close off access to the baby’s room. **Create‌ a⁤ sense of security** ⁤for your cat by letting ⁣it explore baby items ⁢like ​clothes, toys,‌ and⁣ blankets **prior to ⁣the meeting**, allowing your cat to become ⁣familiar with the baby’s scent.

⁣ ⁤ When the day arrives, have a second adult present‌ to ‍help. One ‌of ‌you should hold‍ the baby, ⁣while the other​ keeps the cat calm and ​reassured. **Use positive reinforcement** with treats⁢ and gentle petting⁣ to reward ​your cat‍ for any calm behavior. Pay attention​ to body ⁤language;‌ a relaxed tail and perked ears⁣ indicate comfort, while hissing or​ swatting signals distress. Gradually ‍**increase the duration** of these initial meetings over several days, always rewarding positive interactions. This ⁢cautious approach ensures both baby and cat adjust to ‍each other in a positive ⁤manner.