Unlocking All the Accessories in Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat is not only a fun game, but it also allows you to personalize your cute little feline friend with a wide range of accessories. From stylish hats to fancy collars and everything in between, there are countless options to choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this article will guide you through the process of unlocking all the accessories in Tabby Cat so that your furry companion can look its absolute best. So, get ready to embark on a fashion-filled adventure with your virtual pet and make it the envy of all the other cats in the game!


What is Tabby Cat?

Tabby Cat is a popular virtual pet app where you can adopt and take care of your very own cute and lovable virtual cat. It offers a delightful experience of owning a pet cat without any real-life responsibilities. From feeding and playing to accessorizing your furry friend, Tabby Cat provides endless fun and companionship. One of the exciting aspects of the app is unlocking various accessories for your cat, allowing you to personalize its appearance and make it even more adorable.

Why are accessories important?

Accessories are an essential part of Tabby Cat as they allow you to customize and style your virtual feline companion. They help to add a personal touch and reflect your own unique taste and personality. Whether you prefer a chic and fashionable look or a cute and playful one, accessories give you the opportunity to make your Tabby Cat truly your own. From hats and glasses to collars and bow ties, each accessory unlocks a new level of cuteness and charm, making your cat stand out from the rest.

Basic Accessories

Unlocking the Hat

To unlock the Hat accessory for your Tabby Cat, you need to reach a certain level of experience points (XP). As you play and interact with your cat, you earn XP gradually. Once you accumulate enough XP, the Hat accessory will become available for you to equip on your beloved pet. The Hat adds a touch of style to your Tabby Cat’s appearance, making it even more fashionable.

Unlocking the Glasses

Similar to unlocking the Hat, you can obtain the Glasses accessory for your Tabby Cat by earning experience points. As you progress through the game and engage in various activities, such as feeding and playing, you accumulate XP. Once you reach the required XP threshold, the Glasses accessory will unlock, allowing your Tabby Cat to look super cool and trendy with its new eyewear.

Unlocking the Collar

The Collar accessory is another basic accessory that can be unlocked by earning experience points. By taking good care of your Tabby Cat and meeting its needs, you continue to earn XP. When you reach the designated XP milestone, the Collar accessory becomes available for you to adorn on your feline friend. The Collar adds a touch of elegance, giving your Tabby Cat a sophisticated and stylish look.

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Unlocking All the Accessories in Tabby Cat

Advanced Accessories

Unlocking the Bow Tie

Moving on to more advanced accessories, the Bow Tie unlocks once you have achieved certain milestones in the game. As you continue to care for your Tabby Cat and accumulate experience points, you will eventually reach the level required to unlock the Bow Tie accessory. This accessory adds a layer of charm and sophistication to your cat’s ensemble, making it even more adorable and dapper.

Unlocking the Necklace

Another advanced accessory you can unlock is the Necklace. To obtain this accessory, you need to reach specific objectives and milestones in the game. By fulfilling your cat’s needs, completing tasks, and earning experience points, you will eventually unlock the Necklace. This accessory adds a touch of elegance and glamour to your Tabby Cat’s outfit, making it an absolute fashionista.

Unlocking the Bracelet

The Bracelet is yet another advanced accessory that can be unlocked through gameplay achievements. By engaging with your Tabby Cat and accomplishing certain goals, you earn experience points. As you accumulate enough points, the Bracelet will be unlocked, allowing you to accessorize your cat with this stylish and trendy accessory. The Bracelet enhances your Tabby Cat’s overall look, making it a true fashion icon.

Seasonal Accessories

Unlocking the Santa Hat

Seasonal accessories are a fun addition to Tabby Cat, bringing festive cheer and celebrating special occasions. During the holiday season, you have the opportunity to unlock the Santa Hat for your furry companion. Participating in holiday-themed activities and events within the app can earn you the Santa Hat, giving your Tabby Cat a jolly and festive appearance.

Unlocking the Bunny Ears

Another seasonal accessory you can unlock is the Bunny Ears. Around Easter time, Tabby Cat offers special activities and challenges related to the holiday. By participating in these events and successfully completing the tasks, you can earn the Bunny Ears accessory. This adorable accessory turns your Tabby Cat into an adorable bunny, making it picture-perfect for Easter festivities.

Unlocking the Pumpkin

During the spooky season of Halloween, you have the chance to unlock the Pumpkin accessory for your Tabby Cat. Engage in Halloween-themed events and quests within the app to earn the Pumpkin, which adds a touch of eerie cuteness to your cat’s appearance. With the Pumpkin accessory, your Tabby Cat will be ready to join in the Halloween fun and be the talk of the town.

Unlocking All the Accessories in Tabby Cat

Rare Accessories

Unlocking the Crown

Rare accessories in Tabby Cat are highly coveted and add a touch of grandeur to your feline friend. The Crown is one such rare accessory that can make your Tabby Cat feel like true royalty. To unlock the Crown, you need to achieve exceptional milestones and accomplish extraordinary feats within the app. Only the most dedicated and skilled players are able to obtain this majestic accessory.

Unlocking the Wings

Flight and freedom come together in the form of the Wings accessory, another coveted rarity in Tabby Cat. By surpassing challenging tasks and progressing to higher levels in the game, you can unlock Wings for your Tabby Cat. These Wings symbolize grace and beauty, making your cat the envy of all the other players. Add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your Tabby Cat’s appearance with this extraordinary accessory.

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Unlocking the Halo

One of the most sought-after accessories in Tabby Cat is the Halo. It represents purity and divine beauty, elevating your cat’s appearance to celestial heights. To unlock the Halo, you must exhibit exceptional care and dedication in raising your Tabby Cat. By reaching the pinnacle of Tabby Cat ownership and achieving extraordinary milestones, you can attain this heavenly accessory and make your feline companion feel truly angelic.

Limited Edition Accessories

Unlocking the Anniversary Cupcake

Limited Edition accessories are released to commemorate special events or milestones within the app. The Anniversary Cupcake is one such accessory that marks Tabby Cat’s anniversary celebrations. Participate in anniversary events and complete specific tasks to earn the Anniversary Cupcake. This unique accessory not only signifies the significance of the occasion but also serves as a tasty treat for your Tabby Cat.

Unlocking the Birthday Balloons

Every year, Tabby Cat celebrates its birthday with special in-game events. During this time, you have the chance to unlock the Birthday Balloons accessory for your cat. By actively participating in birthday-themed activities and successfully completing tasks, you can earn the Birthday Balloons and decorate your Tabby Cat with festive cheer. Let your furry friend join in the birthday festivities with this delightful accessory.

Unlocking the Party Hat

To further enhance the feeling of celebration and joy, Tabby Cat offers the Party Hat as a limited edition accessory. During specific party-themed events, players can unlock the Party Hat for their Tabby Cat by participating and completing tasks. This accessory signifies the excitement and happiness of special occasions, allowing your cat to be the life of the party with its stylish and festive headgear.

Achievement-based Accessories

Unlocking the Explorer Hat

Achievements are an integral part of Tabby Cat, rewarding players for accomplishing specific goals and milestones. One such achievement-based accessory is the Explorer Hat. By successfully completing exploration-related tasks and reaching significant exploration milestones, you can unlock the Explorer Hat for your Tabby Cat. This accessory embodies the spirit of adventure and curiosity, making your cat the ultimate explorer.

Unlocking the Gamer Glasses

For those who enjoy playing games within Tabby Cat, the Gamer Glasses accessory is a must-have. By excelling in gaming-related challenges and reaching high scores, you can unlock the Gamer Glasses for your Tabby Cat. These glasses showcase your cat’s love for gaming and add a playful and cool touch to its appearance. Let your Tabby Cat embrace its inner gamer with this accessory.

Unlocking the Master Collar

The Master Collar is an exclusive accessory that recognizes your expertise and dedication as a Tabby Cat owner. By achieving mastery in various aspects of the game, such as completing all tasks, reaching high levels, and amassing a significant number of experience points, you can unlock the Master Collar for your Tabby Cat. This prestigious collar represents your status as a truly exceptional player and cat lover.

Unlocking Accessories through Events

Participating in Community Challenges

Tabby Cat frequently organizes community challenges where players can come together and work towards a common goal. By actively participating in these challenges and achieving the set objectives, you can unlock exclusive accessories for your Tabby Cat. These events foster a sense of camaraderie within the Tabby Cat community and allow you to contribute to the success of the entire group while earning fantastic rewards.

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Completing Daily Quests

Daily quests are another way to unlock accessories in Tabby Cat. Each day, new quests become available for you to complete. By successfully finishing these quests within the given time frame, you can earn experience points and unlock various accessories. Daily quests provide a consistent way to progress in the game and continuously unlock new and exciting items for your beloved Tabby Cat.

Winning Contests

Tabby Cat occasionally hosts contests where players can showcase their creativity and talent. By participating in these contests and submitting your entries, you have the chance to win exclusive accessories for your Tabby Cat. Whether it’s a drawing, a story, or a creative photo, these contests allow you to express your passion for Tabby Cat and potentially unlock rare and limited edition accessories that are not available through other means.

Unlocking Accessories with Tokens

What are Tokens?

Tokens are a valuable in-game currency in Tabby Cat that can be used to unlock accessories. They act as a premium currency, allowing you to acquire exclusive and highly desirable items for your cat. Tokens offer a convenient way to obtain accessories without needing to rely solely on gameplay achievements or events.

Earning Tokens

There are several ways to earn tokens in Tabby Cat. By completing certain milestones, achieving high scores in mini-games, and participating in special events and challenges, you can earn tokens as rewards. Additionally, leveling up and progressing through the game may also grant you tokens along the way. Tokens provide an additional layer of excitement and progression, as they enable you to access unique accessories quickly and efficiently.

Redeeming Tokens for Accessories

Once you have accumulated a sufficient amount of tokens, you can head to the in-game store and browse the available accessories. Each accessory will have a specific token cost associated with it. Simply select the desired accessory and exchange the required number of tokens to unlock it for your Tabby Cat. This system provides a flexible and convenient way to obtain your favorite accessories and further customize your feline companion.

Unlocking Accessories with In-App Purchases

Accessing the In-App Store

For players who wish to acquire accessories without waiting for milestones or accumulating tokens, Tabby Cat offers the option of in-app purchases. You can access the in-app store within the app and browse a wide range of exclusive accessories available for purchase. The in-app store provides a quick and convenient way to obtain accessories instantly, allowing you to personalize your Tabby Cat without any delay.

Choosing and Purchasing Accessories

In the in-app store, you will find a wide array of accessories to choose from. From hats and glasses to collars and wings, there is something to suit every style and preference. Simply select the accessory you desire, review the details and price, then proceed with the purchase. In-app purchases offer a convenient option for those who want immediate access to their favorite accessories and are willing to support the development of Tabby Cat through their purchase.

In conclusion, Tabby Cat provides a delightful virtual pet experience, complete with the opportunity to unlock a wide variety of accessories for your furry companion. Whether through gameplay achievements, events, tokens, or in-app purchases, you have numerous pathways to adorn your Tabby Cat with hats, glasses, collars, and more. With each new accessory, you can further personalize and style your cat, making it an adorable and fashionable companion in the virtual world. So, start exploring, completing challenges, and earning those accessories to make your Tabby Cat truly your own!